Santa Ana has two major thoroughfares, north-south highway 15, which connects Nogales to Hermosillo, and east-west highway 2, which splits off from highway 15 at the Pemex station on the south side of town, and continues to westbound destinations.

Typically one would see Santa Ana from a car window while driving through on your way to another destination, but there are services available for tourists on and off the highway.

Most off-highway businesses and sights are on the way to and around the city plaza.

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The main tourist attraction is the town plaza and neo-Gothic church, which adjoins the plaza. The church is beautiful inside and out, with amazing wood carvings on its doors. Click here to see a map of sights to see in Santa Ana.

Banks and ATMs

The Oxxo convenience stores in Santa Ana all have an ATM machine, although the fee for withdrawing cash is considerably higher than using a bank’s ATM machine (about $5, compared to $2 for a bank). There is a Banco Santander on the east side of Alvaro Obregon, just before you reach the plaza, and a Banamex on the corner just across from the plaza. There is also a Banamex ATM inside the Super del Norte grocery store.

Groceries and Supplies

There is a small supermarket, Santa Fe, located just across the street from the town plaza on Alvaro Obregon. It carries a full selection of groceries, sundries, beer and liquor. There is also a Bodega Aurrera grocery store next to the bridge on the north side of highway 2, and a Super del Norte grocery store one block east of highway 15. See a map of grocery store locations.

Snacks and Refreshments

There are at least three Oxxo convenience stores, as well as Fiesta convenience stores, in Santa Ana. Pretty much like convenience stores in the U.S., they offer a variety of snacks and beverages, albeit for a bit more than you’d pay in a grocery store. The “tipo Americano” coffee at Oxxo is good, and if you purchase beer they’ll put ice in the bag for you, free of charge (just don’t drink and drive).

Rest Stops

The best (well, basically only) places to make a pit stop are the Pemex stations. Most stations have a separate building with bathrooms (banos). If you’re not traveling with your own toilet paper (don’t forget the TP!), the attendant will provide some for a nominal tip of five or ten pesos.

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