Santa Ana is both a city and the municipal seat of the municipality (a political unit similar to a county in the U.S.) of Santa Ana, in the northern region of the state of Sonora, just south of Arizona.

The 2015 census counted a population of approximately 17,448 inhabitants in the Santa Ana municipality, which includes the town of Santa Ana and nearby ejidos like El Claro, Estación Llano, El Coyotillo, Santa Martha, La Cieneguita.


The municipality of Santa Ana, Sonora has a number of public and private kindergartens, several elementary schools, six middle schools and one high school. Education is also provided to rural areas by television, known as Telesecundaria.

There are two universities in Santa Ana: The Santa Ana North Campus of the University of Sonora (UNISON) and the Santa Ana Desert Institute (IDESA). In addition, post-high-school instruction is available at the Institute of Work Training for Sonora (ICATSON).


Santa Ana has an industrial park managed by Sonora S. Plan, located near highway 15 in the southern part of the city. Employers include Precision Auto Parts Santa Ana Sonora (APS / MPC), beverage bottler FEMSA, NEI Systems and Penn Emblem.

The main sector of the municipality’s economy is agriculture – cattle ranching and the raising of crops such as vegetables, wheat and forage grasses.

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